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Sports enthusiasts and active recreation are among the most vocal opponents of passive readings. But absolutely in vain. No, we do not call to abandon the gym and replace it with a continuous seat with a book. But reading, contrary to misconceptions, it is an active activity, at least for the brain. MRI (magnetic resonance scan) of the brain proved that during the reading as if a person is experiencing all on her own, he aktiviziruyutsya the same areas as during the sport, when he reads about mountain landscapes or the deep sea. Surprisingly, if you watch TV or play computer games, this effect is not observed. Only reading can have on the brain, that effect. It is important to learn to read complicated books as a child, as this will help the brain to build up a causal relationship that is present usually only in the good books. If you do not develop it in yourself, in adulthood, you may experience problems with logical thinking, and conduct a coherent conversation on a specific topic would be very problematic. Just five minutes of reading in silence, will replace one hour of psychological therapy, or a half-hour walk.

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